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Build a Delta Printer Work Shop


Want to make your own 3D printer? Come join our 3D printer building workshop at Imagine That 3D!
This workshop is meant for all levels of expertise.
If this is the first time you heard about a 3D printer, it's a great introduction to start building and using them. If you have already been building 3D printers, this could be an opportunity to ask questions and learn more. 
This workshop is limited to 6 participants on a first-comes, first-serves policy. Cost is $400 and includes everything you need to successfully build your own 3D printer, including complete printer kit, parts, Arduino Mega, Ramps, electronics, software, detailed assembly manual etc. 
The printer kit is included in the course fee, so at the end of the course, you will take home your very own printer that you have just built! How cool is that!
The workshop will teach you everything about 3D printing, in particular how to assemble your very own Mini Kossel Delta 3D Printer! After the workshop you will take home your very own high-quality, low-cost Delta Printer! It will take 2-5 hours a week for 3 meetups. 
Building your own printer, you learn the operation of its various hardware and software components. You will become an expert of your own printer!
At the end of the Workshop you will also receive an account to continue learning. This account will give you access to an online learning system to teach you more about 3d modeling and 3d printing. You will also gain access to browser based 3d modeling tools.

What you need to bring:


• Good humor and attitude is always a plus
• Basic assembly skills and a "Maker' attitude" are required (such as assembling model car, airplane or similar)
• Bring your own basic tools such as a simple 2.5mm hex Allen Hex Key and Utility Knife; a basic electronics screwdriver set is an advantage ( We will have tools avaible for you to use as well but they will be shared amoung others)
• You need to bring a laptop on the 3rd Sunday (Windows, Mac preferred) to operate and calibrate your printer
• There is homework which you are expected to finish in between the 3 Sundays such as installing Arduino Drivers and several Software Packages on your laptop etc.
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