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Contour Crafting

Contour Crafting is a company that offers 3D printed construction techniques. This would allow construction of housing and buildings at a reduced cost, in less time, and with increased worker safety. Contour Crafting allows both custom-designed as well as mass produced structures. This will reduce financing, materials, and labor. Contour Crafting emits less CO2 and uses less energy. Contour Crafting is developed by Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis.


How Contour Crafting Works


First the plot is flattened and a trench is excavated for the foundation, which is filled with concrete by construction workers. The Contour Crafter is placed on rails. Concrete extrudes through a nozzle and is deposited layer by layer until the house is complete. Robotic arms can add reinforcement beams, plumbing, and electrical systems as well as the roof.

Contour Crafting and NASA


NASA is funding Contour Crafting in the Lunar Construction Project. Contour Crafting plans to 3D print structures and buildings in space to help NASA save time and money.


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