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iDecoLamp is a lamp for iPhones and iPods which charges while performing the duties of a lamp. The lamps are made of plastic and can be used as mood lighting, a night light, or as decoration.


The iDecoLamp comes with an app called iOS in order to create psychedelic light patterns straight from the 1970s. There are several animations to choose from to create the artistic look that best suits your tastes.

How the iDecoLamp Works


Choose an animated effect from the app and then plug your iPhone or iPod into the lamp. The colored lights on the iPhone/iPod are seen through a semi-transparent white lamp shade, which provides a neat pattern for decoration. The lamp bases are available in orange, blue, white, red, and black.


iDecoLamp Compatibility


The iDecoLamp and iOS app work for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and iPod Touch. The app allows you to play music or use your alarm clock. You can turn audio on/off and access the music player through the iOS app.


iDecoLamp and 3D Printing


The iDecoLamp was created by iCloseBy LLC Entertainment. The members of iCloseBy are Glenn Kreisel, Ben Malouf, and Ephie Risho. The prototypes were 3D printed and the final products will be produced through injection molding.

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