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Magnetic Changeable Hotends

Magnetic Changeable Hotends

Swappable Laser Engraver

Swappable Laser Engraver

400x400x450mm Build Volume

400x400x450mm Build Volume

50 Micron Print Resolution

50 Micron Print Resolution

Extremely Stable & Precise Large Format 3D Printer


Print with precision and high detail without worry with the T-Rex Large Format Printer 

  • Technology: FDM 


  • Print Voulme: 400x400x450mm


  • Changeable Extruder: Singe, Dual, High Temp


  • Nozzle Temps: <280C (Single/Dual) <350C (High Temp)


  • Nozzle Diameter: .8mm (Single) .4mm (Dual/High Temp)


  • Layer Resoultion: 0.05 - 0.3mm


  • Print Plate: Heated Glass <110C


  • Print Speed: 20-20mm/s


  • Display: 3'' LCD Display


  • Connection: SD Card/USB Cable


  • Firmware: Marlin


  • Machine Size: 690x630x770mm (L*W*H)


  • Machine Wight: 21kg


  • Warranty: 12 Months



Economical 3D Printer with Industrial Features 

Magnetic Swappable Extruders

(Change from SIngle to a Dual Extruder)





Extremely Stable Exruders

( wont jam or choke)


All Metal Extruders can easily reach 350C

5O Microns Layer Resolution


     Achieve Professional Print Quality

Aluminum Extrusion Frame


   With Track Pullies


  • Increasing Stability

  • Less Operating Noise

  • Decreasing Down Time

Additional Laser Engraving 


Cut and engrave materials such as 

  • Wood

  • Vinyl

  • Paper

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