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AutoCAD is software used for Computer-aided Design (CAD) and drafting in both 2D and 3D.  AutoCAD was developed by Autodesk in 1982 and has since become popular software for a wide range of industries, such as architecture and engineering.


History of AutoCAD


AutoCAD first originated from a program created by Michael Riddle in 1977 called Interact CAD. Interact CAD ran on the Marinchip Systems 9900 computer. Michael Riddle and John Walker, along with 11 other members, cofounded Autodesk, which developed AutoCAD in 1982. Walker later paid Riddle $10 million USD for all the rights.

AutoCAD Features


AutoCAD has a variety of features such as Autodesk Exchange Apps, customizable and expandable ribbon, Action Recorder, Live Maps, Reality Capture, Surface Curve Extraction, and 3D Free-form Design Tools. AutoCAD has several more features. For more information on features:


Autodesk Exchange Apps: Customize your software with companion apps


Customizable and Expandable Ribbon: Optimize the ribbon to fit your needs


Action Recorder: Automate repetitive tasks


Live Maps: Connect to real-world environments


Reality Capture: Scan files or attach point clouds


Surface Curve Extraction: Extract isoline curves


3D Free-form Design Tools: Generate design ideas in almost any form

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