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Filament Recycling Program. 


Converts recyclable plastic into ethical, high-quality 3D print filament using open source technology


                      The Process



Take you failed prints, water bottles or etc...

and shred them into tiny plastic flakes. 



These falkes are clean and all contaminats are removed, then its melted and extruden into clean renewed filament.



This freshly renewed filament is then spooled



...Now the fully renewed filament is ready to bring your imagination to life!

3D printing is today’s trendiest industrial revolution.  we aim to make it a sustainable one as well. Why continue to use new plastics, when there’s so much old plastic we can re-use?


We want to offer the makers of the world a 3d printer filament that is fully recycled, with a quality that is comparable or exceeds premium non-recycled filaments. That’s why, for the last couple of years, we have been working on fully recycled filaments. 

Turn those failed prints, suppour, material, rafts,brims and more, it new printable filament. 


Mix color and make new ones! Make cutom spools!

 Get Rewarded For Recycling 

Screenshot 2022-05-30 000839.png
Screenshot 2022-05-30 000839.png

Bring in your failed prints, supports, rafts, or other 3D print scraps and earn rewards that can later be redeemed for discounts, classes, 3D models, or free items! 

We do ask that you separate materials types, keep PLA, ABS, PETG and etc separate. We also ask that you do not provide parts or scarps with paint, tape, or other contaminants attached to them as this ruins the recycling process.

Empty filament spools are a real issue! Don't know what to do with them? Bring them or ship them in and we will give you credits each spool is worth $1-$3 of credit depending on the spool type. Let's stop filling the landfill with these and resue and reclaim them! 

Please see a store associate to get your recycling rewards card or use the QR code on the side to get your digital rewards card today!

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