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Services and Refund Policy 

Modeling Services

  • Non-refundable

  • Minimum 1-hour job cost @ ($85/hour), Cost due in 15 min intervals after

  • Any Revisions will be made at a 25% Discount (or other agreed-upon terms) 

  • 3-5 business days (Monday to Friday) to get a starting model prepared and updates will be provided as the model progresses

  • If possible provide as many dimensions/Sketches, if none are provided, revisions will not receive the courtesy discount.

  • Paid in advance based on an estimated time frame provided by imagine that 3D, additional charges will be charged at pickup.

Printing services

  • 3-5 days to get started (Maybe earlier)

  • The minimal print fee is $35 ( for small items we can do multiple) 

  • Once started you will receive an email stating approx. time of print completion and a link to a tracker which you can monitor so you know when it is ready for pickup.

  • you can track progress, download files, view files, and pay invoices at 

  • Approx time is due to nothing going wrong with the hardware or file once the print is started

  • Orders over $100 must be paid in advance before printing can start

  • If you are unhappy with the print and it is a reasonable problem (Arm didn’t print correctly etc), a refund of up to 90% will occur or another print run at no extra charge unless a different material is used.

  • Prints will be held by imagine that for 2 weeks once completed and no longer unless arranged with a member of Imagine that 3D. After which the print will be recycled and must be repaid.

  • Printers will have a fee associated with it included in the price

Orders (When not in stock)

  • Half down for printer required ( some special orders and customer builts will require full payment) 

  • Shipping for the item paid in full, Tracking will be provided to you once we have it, delays can and do frequently occur and when they do, we will do everything we can to get your order to you ASAP.

  • orders can be tracked at

  • If a not in stock item order is canceled (Shipping is not refunded and a 10% restocking fee occurs)

  • For large orders (Orders over ($1000.00) a 25% restocking fee will occur and shipping/ import taxes are non-refundable

  • If the Printer order is canceled after its been built you will be subject to a 10-25% restocking fee, it takes time and resources to build/program these you are committing to the purchase with the half down payment, in some cases store credit can be offered and restocking fee's redetermined

  • Refunds can not be completed after 90 days via our processor if you choose to request a refund after accepting store credit and after 90 days of original purchase buyer and Imagine That 3D can work on a case by case basis but customers may be subject to fee's depending on the method used. Please keep in mind we will try to work with you but once you have accepted store credit you have accepted store credit, other forms of funds are then void. 

Printer Assembly

  • A 1-time setup Fee per printer will occur if the client so chooses (Printers not bought from us) (special builds, upgrades, and add-ons can very and may be charged an hourly rate) 

    • 50% discount will be given if bought from us

Screenshot 2022-04-19 195341.png

  • Client must sign a Pickup form stating:

  • The printer is in good working order

  • A test print has occurred and the client has seen this (Opt-out option available)

  • Customers will receive a form with details of printer status action and changes

Delivery / in Home setup

  • Delivery fee of ($45) occurs when the drive is less than 1 hour

  • An additional fee of ($25) occurs for each 30 min interval up to a maximum of 2.5 hours

  • 2.5 hours plus will be shipped to and not delivered by imagine that 3D, (shipping available on other times as well paid for by the customer)

  • Onsite visits have an hourly rate of $45


  • Educational –10% 20 % (Proof of valid School ID is needed)

    • Orders for schools must have a letter signed by a member of the facility, Order will be confirmed via phone.

  • Military or servicemen – 10% (Proof Required)

  • Other discounts are given at Imagine That 3D’s Discretion

Screenshot 2022-04-19 195735.png
  • File conversion fees may apply if requested

  • A clean up Fee may apply

  • Additional coloring and texturing fees may apply if requested


  • Right to refuse service/ Continued service to anyone

  • Bad attitudes will not be tolerated, Items will not be refunded.

  • All work will be completed during business hours (10am-6pm Monday- Saturday)

  • Phone calls and emails will be returned within 48 hours so please be patient, sending more than 1 will only cause further delay.

  • Rush Fee of ($45) if job is wanted to be started before 3 days, Multiple rush jobs will also be queued if the same printer is wanted or run together and fee not refunded, no matter what the print looks like because time is what makes a good print.

  • Since printing is time based, there is nothing we can do to make it any quicker, Patience is appreciated.

  • Once item has left the Imagine that 3D business location and form signed starting client is happy no refunds will be given for prints.

  • Please no touching the equipment

  • Any intentional damage caused by any person will be charged to the fullest extent of the law

  • Refunds can not be completed after 90 days via our processor if you choose to request a refund after accepting store credit and after 90 days of original purchase buyer and Imagine That 3D can work on a case by case basis but customers may be subject to fee's depending on the method used. Please keep in mind we will try to work with you but once you have accepted store credit you have accepted store credit, other forms of funds are then void. 

Trade-In Policy

By participating in this Trade-In Program you agree to assume to obligations outlined below. It is your responsibility to read this Agreement carefully to understand your obligations. You also agree to the terms and conditions set forth below regarding the Trade-In Program. 

In these terms and conditions, the item you are trading in is referred to as “item”.

-You are the only owner of the item and have the right to transfer all ownership of the item. No other person company or entity has any ownership interest of any kind in the item.

-The item description, serial number and model number you provide are accurate and complete. The serial number on the Item is original and has never been tampered with.

-You are providing the item to Imagine That 3D LLC in working order. You are responsible for the condition of the item upon its arrival at a Imagine That 3D LLC location. If the item does not work when it arrives at a Imagine That 3D LLC location, you agree to pay for the shipping cost necessary to return the Item to you!

-I understand that once this transaction is accepted, the Item and all information, data and software stored on the item shall become the sole property of Imagine That 3D LLC. Your transfer of the Item to Imagine That 3D LLC may not be revoked by you.

-Upon receipt of the item, Imagine That 3D LLC will inspect the item to determine the item’s valuation. If Imagine That 3D LLC accepts the item Imagine That 3D LLC will provide credit towards the purchase of a product from Imagine That 3D LLC. The valuation may be substantially different from the original estimate provided to you. You agree

that the Imagine That 3D’s valuation of the item after Imagine That 3D LLC receives the item is final.


-Upon receipt of the item by Imagine That 3D LLC, all information, data, and software on the item will be deleted and unrecoverable.

-If Imagine That 3D LLC is damaged or incurs any kind of expense because you were not authorized to transfer ownership of the item, because of the condition of the item, or because of any software or other information stored on the item, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold Imagine That 3D harmless from any liability, claim, or expense associated therewith including Attorney’s fees incurred by Imagine That 3D LLC.


-In the event of the employment of an attorney(s) by Imagine That 3D LLC resulting from your participation in the Trade-In Program the Imagine That 3D’s attorneys’ fees shall by paid by you, in addition, all cost and expenses of any suit brought by Imagine That 3D LLC by reason of failure by you to comply with any of the terms, covenants, and conditions of this Agreement.


-Once this agreement for the purchase of the item is signed the contract is complete and cannot be revised or revisited.

Repair Time & Delivery

Imagine That 3D LLC will make reasonable efforts to deliver repaired equipment within the estimated time of delivery, but does not guarantee that a repair will be completed within a specific period of time. Imagine That 3D LLC shall not be liable for any failures or delay in service due to any cause beyond its control. Imagine That 3D LLC reserves the right to refrain from providing the repairs or services ordered and instead refund customer’s payment at its sole discretion.

Responsibility to Pick Up Devices

All devices and items must be picked up no later 90 days after completion of repair and notification to the customer. Any items left in Imagine That 3D’s possession after 30 days is considered surrendered and property of Imagine That 3D. After 90 days, Imagine That 3D will consider your equipment abandoned and may dispose of your equipment in accordance with applicable law. You agree to hold Imagine That 3D LLC harmless for any damage or claim for the abandoned property (as stated in the signed work order every customer receives before the repair process is initiated), which we may discard or recycle at our sole discretion 30 days from customer being notified that your product has been serviced.

We are not a storage company if your item is still held and available after 90 days you may be subject to fee's for storage. If cost were not made up for work completed on an item that was not picked up and abandoned you may be subject to pay the difference owed 

Work Authorization & Service Waiver

You hereby authorize Imagine That 3D LLC to perform diagnostic, repair, and installation services on your product (the “work”). You agree to pay for such work in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Warranty Work.


If the work is covered under an existing limited warranty you hereby authorize Imagine That 3D LLC to perform the Work in accordance with the terms and conditions of such limited warranty and you hereby agree to pay any charges applicable to such Work pursuant to such limited warranty. Confirmation of the limited warranty prior to Imagine That 3D LLC’s provision of warranty service. For warranty service the terms and conditions of the applicable limited warranty shall apply and this agreement does not modify, increase or decrease the respective rights and obligations of the parties under such limited warranty nor does this agreement grant you new rights except as provided herein. Imagine That 3D LLC does not provide warranty service for any mouse, keyboard, printer, or monitor acquired with your product. Consult the written limited warranty you received when you purchased the product if you have any questions about your rights and obligations where the terms of this agreement and the limited warranty are inconsistent. The terms of the limited warranty will govern.


Out of Warranty Work.


If the work is not covered under an existing limited warranty, you hereby authorize Imagine That 3D LLC to obtain parts and to perform the work, and you agree to pay all applicable fees, taxes, and other charges for such parts and services in accordance with Imagine That 3D’s current price list. Prices are subject to change without notice or obligations prior to you authorization to perform services. Prices do not include applicable taxes or shipping and handling, which will be added to the price you pay. A minimum diagnostic charge will be charged for the initial diagnosis of any repair not covered by a limited warranty whether or not you subsequently authorize such repair. Please consult the current Imagine That 3D LLC price list for the amount of this charge before you sign this agreement or authorize any work to the product.

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