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Cadnano is free, open-source software that allows users to design 3D models and use DNA for self-assembly. Cadnano simplifies the process of designing 3D DNA origami nanostructures.


Cadnano Features


Cadnano works on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Cadnano features visual cues for stable structures, has a 3D interface powered by Autodesk Maya, and has open architecture for plug-ins.


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Cadnano and 4D Printing

Skylar Tibbits is using cadnano in 4D printing, which is the process of 3D printing machines to self-replicate. Tibbits is using cadnano to aid in the self-replicating process so that he can see how a design will fold up after water is added to cause the model to transform.


Watch Skylar’s TED Talk Video

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