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ExtrusionBot has sped up the process of creating plastic filament for 3D printing. ExtrusionBot turns ABS or PLA pellets into plastic filament. ExtrusionBot’s claim to fame is being the quickest filament extruder. Instead of taking up 24 hours to create filament, ExtrusionBot does it in 1 hour. It spools over 3 feet per minute.


ExtrusionBot takes up a small amount of space, 7 H x 10 W inches, and has automatic spooling. The ExtrusionBot comes with both a 1.75 mm and a 3 mm nozzle to create filament.


ExtrusionBot was developed as a home-built automatic filament extruder by Mark Dill in Chandler, Arizona and has been funded by Kickstarter.


How ExtrusionBot Works  


The user puts ABS or PLA plastic pellets into the pellet chamber. ExtrusionBot then melts the plastic and extrudes the plastic through a nozzle. The melted plastic comes out as filament that can be automatically spooled for easy use. ExtrusionBot spools over 3 feet per minute. The ExtrusionBot can create both white and color filament. Once the filament is spooled, it is ready to be used in a 3D printer.

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