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Nylon Extrusion 3D Printng

Nylon Extrusion 3D printing uses nylon filament as material to build 3D parts for 3D printing. 2BEIGH3, a 3D printer created by Taulman 3D, uses high temperatures to melt the nylon. Nylon is more flexible than plastic and has a higher melting point. Using nylon material rather than plastic allows for parts such as compression flanges, gaskets, and molds that won’t break or crack.


How Nylon Extrusion 3D Printing Works


First, the user creates a 3D modeling using 3D modeling software and saves it as an STL file. The STL file is then sent to the 3D printer’s interfacing software that slices the model into sections and determines how the layers will be printed. The nylon filament extrudes through a heated nozzle in a layer that hardens. Another layer is added and the process repeats until the part is complete.

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