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The Formbot T-Rex 2+ large format 3D Printer with Independent Dual Extruders (IDEX), 225 point automatic unified bed leveling with dual zone bed heating upgrade.


The next generation of high performance 3D printer constructed with the high quality components which incorporates the latest technology in 3D printing.


Available in two heights 500 mm and 700 mm version




  •   Independent dual extruder (IDEX): possibility of printing 2 materials at a time or 2 identical objects simultaneously.


  •   Extruder wiping system: to avoid messy layers at the beginning of a 3D print, the extruders are automatically wiped.


  •   Auto-leveling: no need for time-consuming manual bed leveling.


  •   High-temperature extruder (optional): for printing PEEK, nylon and other filaments that require high temperatures to be 3D printed.


  •   Dual zone heated print bed (optional): the heating is divided into 2 areas, to avoid useless heating of unused areas (a smaller portion of 200 x 200 can be heated for small objects, while the whole print bed can be heated for larger prints).


  • Laser engraver (optional): capable of engraving wood, fabrics and other materials.


The Formbot T-Rex 2+ with a build volume of 400 x 400 x 500mm (20") / 700mm (28") to print in! Formbot T-Rex 2+ uses incredibly thick linear rail and bearing to ensure smooth movement, and industrial ball screws helps to achieve amazing z accuracy.


One of the exciting feature own by Formbot T-Rex 2+ is Independent dual extruders called (IDEX) . It allows the machine to print in more ways so suit your requirements! Print with two materials for soluble support, dual colours, or print two objects at the same time for twice the printing speed!



Formbot Trex 2

SKU: trex2
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