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How to rescue a print that stopped mid-way


We've all experienced it at some point. Your prints just randomly stopping, your extruder getting clogged mid way, or anything else, the result is the same: when you come back to your printer all you see is half a print.

Here is how to make the best out of this situation

Step One:

  • Measure the height your print managed to achieve.


The height measured was 44.2mm, in this case I am using a layer height of .32mm with a first layer height of also .32mm.


  • Subtract the first layer height from the total height, then divide the answer by your normal layer height


(44.2 - 0.32)/0.32=137.125

Of course, this value needs to be a whole number, and is a result of the tolerance of our measurement. this is why we did this calculation!


  • round the answer down to the nearest number


in this case 137. (This is (+1) is the number of layers)


  • multiply that by the layer height, add the first layer height


(137*0.32)+0.32=44.16. This is the height achieved, as far as the Gcode is concerned.


Step two

Edit your Gcode. In this case, I am using RepetierHost, but you may use any program to edit your code.

  • Search for the line of code indicating the Z-value. Add a Z before the calculated height 


In my case, I need to search for Z44.16

  • click to select the end of the previous line of code

  • Then scroll up and, while pressing shift, click on the end of your start Gcode (all the descriptive code)

  • Delete the selection. You are now left with what you need to continue printing. Save it.


  • Step three

    Start your printer with the saved Gcode file. Finish your print.


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