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Service Description

This will allow you to use the CNC at the Makerspace, you will need to pass a certification to use the CNC machine. Details and link will be provided after submitting this request. You can also submit you job in the queue (you will not need the certification for this) Materials can be provided at a cost ( different materials vary in price) If you provide your own material you will not need to pay a material fee. Computer numerical control (CNC) is programmed code that represents instructions for precise movements to be carried out by machines. Indirectly, this code defines how to automatically create, produce, or transform a virtual object into a real one. A CNC machine must interact with a computer equipped with software that transforms numerical code into Cartesian coordinates. This allows the machine to work with a high degree of precision, just like a robot. A CNC Milling machine transforms raw material into a finished model through different methods, by removing (subtractive) material.

Contact Details

  • 4998 Galleria Dr, Murray, UT 84123, USA

    +null 8882435514

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