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 3D Printers Shipping Tips

  • ·OEM Packaging is always the first choice

  • ·Otherwise use a new, double-walled cardboard box. (most printers fit in a 22”x22”x22” cube)

  • ·Try to maintain 2” of padding on each side of the printer, do not allow the printer to move freely within the box. (Bubblewrap or Instapak Foam Packets work very well)

  • ·Secure any moving part with or on the printer using zip ties or masking tape to keep cosmetic doors closed.

  • ·Things to include: Power cord, buildplate, a sample of the filament you have been printing with.

  • ·Please write your ticket number on the box when sending your printer in.

Shipping Address

Imagine That 3D 

6526 South State Street Suite E

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84107


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